Friday, June 1, 2007

Microsoft Surface: The Touchscreen Coffee Table That Will Change the World!

The software giant will announce at the D5 conference today that it's built a top-secret surface computer—think iPhone meets, well, nothing you've ever seen before. Forget the keyboard and mouse. The next generation of interfaces will be hands-on. Welcome to the age of digital furniture. CRAZY VIDEO INSIDE!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ultimate Megaman HD-DVD Cheat!

This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny; join the fun! Get the ban!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dids Labs Main Site

Dids Labs Main Site is now available at

Dids Labs site is all about projects. Projects that are both intriguing and hard/impossible to complete on my own, nevertheless, I intend to complete them.

Some of these include game-development, programming and hardware modding/tweaking. Some of these might even be mildly hacking-oriented (software/hardware).
One of the projects that's (at the time of writing this) still under a lot of work, is a Digital Picture Frame, a la Dids. There's a lot of Digital Picture Frame's around, made entirely for 'just that', or built from an iBook or similar laptop/small computer.
DidsFrame changes the idea of a Digital Picture Frame, or atleast it tries to. The idea is to have the basic functionality of a DPF, but with additional extras. These extra components/features include a speaker, webcam, keyboard and trackpad (Apple calls them that). Basically I could write a simple AppleScript to schedule it all. Ie. it would first show my entire photo album for 60 minutes, switch to fullscreen webcam view and even play some music in the background, and in 30 minutes switch back to a random loop of the photo album.
Of course, this is purely cosmetical in a manner that you don't even have to touch the DPF, but it's still cool, way cool.

Now to the keyboard & trackpad part. I have an idea of integrating both of them in the back plate/board (which you can turn 180 degrees). With a few tweaks here and there, you could basically take the DPF from your wall/table, flip the back board over and boom, you have a fully functional laptop.

Stay tuned for updates at the Dids Labs site (click the site link above and then click on 'DidsFrame' on the site).

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Dids Labs blog starts!

So, I finally started a somewhat official Dids Labs blog. Dids Labs has been around for ages, but I never really got around to actually make a blog, until now.

Dids Labs will try to review as many 'things' as possible, from highly technological gadgets to new hit songs, almost everything goes, as long as it's still interesting.

Wish me luck!